I am Sofia Katariina, a Finnish 21- year old science nerd, equestrian and lately, a fitness enthusiast. I have always considered myself to be extremely unathletic and lazy and my natural interests have been leaning more towards books, writing and science. Until fairly recently, I would’ve never seen myself beginning a serious blog about fitness, of all things.

The only main sport I have ever done in my life is horse riding. I’ve ridden horses for over 14 years, 8 of those as a competitive show jumper. After some unfortunate injuries last year, my main jumping horse is now retired and a new, young horse has begun his training to take his place. I will train this horse entirely myself and will hope to achieve great things together. However, as I’ve embarked on this massive long term ’’mission’’ of mine, I’ve come to realize that if I want my horse to be an athlete, I must become one too.

No longer is it sufficient to stretch every now and then and be able to run for a minute before my lungs feel like jumping out of my chest. It just won’t do anymore. I won’t waste any more of my time running in place, now is the time in my life to speed up and get a move on. So, here we are.





FRONT RUNNER is mostly for keeping track of and sharing my progress and insights. Running is what I want to focus on (at least for now) and I believe that there are people out there that might find my blog relatable and motivational. As I do have a long background in riding (6 days a week, sometimes a couple horses a day), I’m not starting from an absolute zero as far as my physical condition goes. I’m good at riding but extremely rusty in basically every other form of exercising so the blog will truly depict my journey from a complete beginner on. I hope to keep this blog as simple as possible, the main focus being on two things: my own personal progress and technical, scientific and analytical ’’articles’’ on nutrition, planning a routine, setting goals short and long term and what not. I wish You a pleasant stay at FRONT RUNNER, I hope you find it enjoyable!