Yeah so I’ve ran a whole of five times since my 10k trail race in October. I really don’t want to start making excuses but my left foot was inflamed for almost two months from mid October to around mid December. I have no idea what initially caused it but at first I could barely walk for 5-ish days and after that walking with shoes on was doable but without shoes I still couldn’t walk at all for weeks. Running was obviously out of the question. It was a struggle because as I’ve mentioned, I’m an equestrian and in addition to having two horses to ride daily I have a whole bunch of barn work I just have to do no matter what. I don’t really have anyone to back me up if something like this happens.


Anyway, a long break like that really affected my enthusiasm for running. I was just starting to get decent at it! Now I’ll have to start right from square one and seems so daunting to me. I still haven’t mustered up the courage or discipline to get my Hokas on and just do it even though my foot has had plenty of time to heal. I haven’t turned into a total couch potato though: I have my barn and horses to thank for that. It’s obvious that my trail marathon goals are off unless some miracle happens but I’m still keen on doing a half marathon this year.


This was just a super quick update just to let you know that no, I haven’t died or anything 😀 It’s just that writing about running when you can’t run is not very exciting. I’m applying to vet school this year and the exam is in May so my time will be somewhat limited as I have to prioritize studying and my horses above all else but this is definitely not the end of Front Runner. Just gotta gather myself and get to work! Thanks for sticking around!


Not pointing fingers here but the narrow toebox of certain shoes might have had something to do with my inflamed foot…. hmm.

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