Week 9 was the final week of the 5k plan as well as the week leading up to the race. I did 3 runs for training and the 5k race on Sunday so 4 in total. According to the plan, all three runs were to start again with a 5 minute walk followed by a good 30 minutes of running.

On Monday I was super stoked because I’d just gotten my new Speedgoats in the mail and was keen to try them for the first time. I did the planned 5mins of walk and around 28 minutes of running. I did end up cutting the run short by a couple minutes from the intended 30 just because that’s how long it took me to run the trail and I was feeling pretty good about the amount of effort I’d put into it. I was pretty amazed at how easy this run felt all the way through. Some of it was probably due to being over the moon because of how much I loved my news shoes!


myllykoski nurmijärvi, polkujuoksu trail running in finland trail race
The views are not bad

Tuesday had strength training planned out for me. I did my regular set of ab, lower back, hip and leg work. Over time, I’ve built a nice strength routine that I feel works for me and gets all the muscle groups I need to work on to improve my running form and stability. Currently I’ve been doing this routine twice a week. It’s pretty conclusive and simple so I could share it in its entirety sometime this week!

On Wednesday I hit my regular trails with the intention to discover new routes that I knew were there but just haven’t run yet. I wasn’t really expecting there to be anything much but I ended up finding a long trail that basically goes up a hill and is moderately technical with lots of roots and rocks on the path. I’m thinking to make this new trail my go-to place to train. Hill reps, here I come! Anyway, it was super fun and refreshing to run there on Wednesday and I got some serious quad work done from all the decline. 30 minutes came and went and I ended up running for a good 40 minutes.


hoka one one speedgoat 2 trail running shoe, kengät polkujuoksuun
Absolutely love them so far!

I hit the same trails on Friday again after having a good rest on Thursday. This time I did some warm up jogging on the crushed gravel trail after which I went up the new trails and came back down again. Again, 30 minutes turned into more like 40 and I also had a long cool down walk back to the car.

In hindsight, part of my blow up on race day might’ve been due to overdoing my training schedule pretty good during the week. It’s just that I get so caught up enjoying the trails that time just flies by! Also, the trails I’ve been running are pretty hilly and technical so that obviously adds to the difficulty.


trail marathon training planning, running plan
A rough plan for September. I’ll plan in more detail every Sunday night.

It’s Tuesday today and the time for my first run of the week! This month I’m adding one run to my weekly plan so it’ll be four runs a week for now. I’ve drafted a raw frame for my training in September leading to my first trail race in October. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet but I entered a 9,8k trail race which is on October 7th. It’s going to be a hilly one so I added one training day just for hill reps to prepare for that. I’ll touch more on my current training plan in the next post! Thanks for reading and I hope you all are having a good start to the week!


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