This week I did three runs as part of my Couch To 5K program. Each run began with a brisk 5 minute walk followed by 28 minutes of running.

On Monday I ended up almost doubling my goal time of 28 minutes (oops). That was the trip to the local national park for a trail session I mentioned in a previous post. I had planned on doing the 5K trail but ended up doing 8,6K after taking a wrong turn. There were some hills that required power hiking but other than that I ran all the way. My pace was pretty slow throughout but I’m more than fine with that since my focus is on the longer distances now. I was actually surprised that it only took me just a bit over an hour as I really thought I was going slower than that.

On Wednesday I stuck to the plan and did 5 minutes of walking and some running drills to warm up after which I ran for exactly 28 minutes. I ran super slow all the way because I specifically wanted the whole run to be at a conversational, aerobic pace. That decision was a good one because now I know exactly what pace I can go for miles and miles. At that pace, I can do a 5k in 33,3 minutes which sounds pretty good to me. The pace was super easy-going and I felt like I could’ve picked it up quite a bit and still manage to keep it up. With this in mind, I’m going for a sub 31 minute 5k on race day (which is exactly a week away now, yikes!)


trail running in finland, polkujuoksu, trail marathon, running
Better have proper gear at the Nuuksio Classic trail marathon! Photo Credit: Aapo Laiho


Friday was run day once again and my boyfriend and I hit some pretty technical trails this time! The first part of our run was on the trails but then we were out of the woods and just decided to go on a bit further down the road. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to run on the road after the difficult and tough trails! Like running has never felt so easy for me. It had been a rainy evening so far but at this point it really started lashing rain! I wasn’t complaining, though. I got pretty fed up with the never ending heat wave that I can’t begin to describe how refreshing it was to run in the rain! The road part was 4,2K so I’m pretty sure that we did at least 5K on that run in total. No idea how long it took but I’d say 28 minutes got run easily that day.

Going into the last week before the race I can honestly say that I’m feeling pretty good and comfortable. I’ve already proved to myself that I can now run 5K without stopping or walking so that’s one milestone reached. The race is next Sunday and I’m planning on going for two to three runs before that. Most importantly, I’m having no pains whatsoever. My knees are perfectly fine and I feel like my body is really starting to get used to running now. I warm up faster and can keep on going for a lot longer now! It feels pretty damn good to start feeling actual progress. I just have to keep on taking care of my body (knees especially) to avoid any injuries now! 


I finally decided to get the Hoka One One Speedgoat 2:s after quite a bit of researching and review reading. I haven’t gotten them yet but I can’t wait to try them out on the trails next week and review them for you guys after I’ve run in them a bit more! While the NB Vongo is an amazing shoe on the road, the technical trails on Friday really made it clear to me how crucial it is to have proper trail shoes out there. I almost rolled my ankle a couple times and really had to focus unnecessarily hard on where I put my feet as the grip was just not there. I mean I can still recommend the Vongos to someone who mainly runs on the roads and only occasionally wants to get off the paved road but especially on the more technical and slippery trails, extra caution is required! If you’re even thinking about trail running regularly, get proper shoes!


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