”Week 7: For your 3 runs in week 7, you will begin with a brisk 5-minute walk, then 25 minutes of running.” NHS.UK/ Couch To 5K

(All the photos in this post are from my 8,6K trail session on Monday, August 20th)

Week seven was a good week all in all. On Monday I had that chest pain situation but still ran 3k under 20 minutes. Obviously I didn’t reach my 25 minute goal that day but I still consider it a good run since I really struggled but pushed through nevertheless.

On Tuesday we went orienteering and did the 3,1k route which took us just under 30 minutes if I only include the actual running bits. Overall our time was like 33 minutes or something but not all of that was running as we had a pretty slow start!


Taking a short breather to look at the views at one of the lakes!


Wednesday was rest day, although I did a solid 40 minute inner thigh and core workout.

On Thursday I went out to try new trails again and ended up doing a hilly 5k that took me like 35 minutes. I timed 5 minutes of walking and 25 minutes of running and stopped the time whenever I had to power hike up the hills. So not only did I hit the goal, I also did a ton of strenuous power hiking. That was tough!

Friday was a complete rest day as far as running or strength training goes. It’s worth keeping in mind that I do have two horses to ride. Both get ridden about four times a week. Horse riding on my level is a solid workout that especially targets all the core muscles imaginable. It’s hard work just balancing yourself up there!


Most of the trail was super easy to run


On Saturday I went for the final run of the week. I did 5 mins on walking again and about 23 minutes of running. I’m so careless when it comes to taking care of hydration… I had a super run and was completing the first 3,2k trail lap in my personal record time (16 minutes with lots of hills) after which I decided to run the last 9 minutes around the track. I had gotten a bit of a headache on the trails which is nothing new to me but as I was running the final 10 minutes, it got almost unbearable. I was so mad since I wasn’t tired otherwise. My legs were fresh and my breathing was great but then the dehydration kicked in. I really tried to push through but then the headache got so bad that I had a hard time even standing up. I wanted to just lay down on the grass and stay there 😀 I had to drive home so I basically gave up and dragged myself to the car. In hindsight, I could’ve probably done it (come on I had 2 minutes left) but at the moment I just had zero fucks to give 😀 My headaches tend to last days on end and they can cause me irritating sight problems (really bad eye pain and a blurry vision) so I just didn’t want to risk it. I had two big glasses of water at home and it just disappeared as quickly as it came so that proved to me that it was all because of dehydration…


Passed a total of seven lakes on this trail


In conclusion, week 7 was pretty good. Even if Monday and Saturday were shorter than intended, Tuesday and Thursday kinda made up for them.

This post will be up on Tuesday August 21st so I might as well show you what this week is going to look like. According to the program, this week every run is going to be the same just like last week. 5 minutes of brisk walking, then 28 minutes of running. In addition to that, I’m going to do some hill repeats as well. I’ve got to get better running uphill and train my breathing so that they don’t slow me down too much. My 5k race is in a couple of weeks and I’m feeling pretty optimistic so far. I’ve done most of my training out on the trails which happen to be super hilly around here. Helsinki is a fairly flat city so there aren’t any massive hills to be expected. Yesterday (Monday) I intended to do a 5,6K trail session but ended up doing an 8,6K because I forgot what trail I was on and took a wrong turn 😀 The session felt so easy though that I’m pretty happy I took that wrong turn though! It was a super experience!

On a different note, I have some super exciting news to share with you but those are going to have to wait a couple more days! I’m super stoked as well as a bit terrified but something really exciting and surprising is coming up. I mean I even surprised myself this time! I’ll reveal everything in the next post on Thursday!


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