I love blogs. I read probably closer to 50 blogs regularly ranging from studying to horses to fitness. I read blogs in both English and Finnish and am constantly on the search for new interesting blogs to follow. Sometimes the sheer amount of interesting blogs available gets so overwhelming  that it’s impossible to keep track of them all! To help fellow blog enthusiasts find some interesting reads in the fitness and running world, I’ve decided to start a post series where I hand pick a new blog I’ve discovered lately and share it here! This is going to be fun.


The first monthly pick goes to The Dancing Runner! The Dancing Runner is a running- focused blog written by Chelsea, who describes herself as not ever being a very athletic kid but rather more of a writing and fine arts type. She attended her school choir and wrote in her high school’s news paper back in her school days. After starting college, she began gaining weight and eventually joined Weight Watchers with her mom. This is where her weight loss and active life journey began.


After graduating, Chelsea landed a job at CBS in which she worked her butt off for three whole years. Later, the company’s nation wide layoff spree hit Chelsea as well as thousands of other employees and she got laid off. This was a blessing in disguise as she very positively puts it. Talk about an admirable mindset! Now she wanted to focus on staying active and began working out and dancing more and even took up running. She not only took up running, she began to think about running a half marathon.


Since then, Chelsea has run over 30 Half Marathons and several Ultra races. One of my absolute favorite posts from her is the Piney Woods Ultra 100k Recap. She ended up being the only female to finish that race which to me is pretty darn inspirational! She has gathered some ultra running posts on her page Ultrarun Love and as someone who has been toying with the thought of running longer and longer distances in the future, I found these posts especially intriguing!


In her blog, Chelsea writes about her weekly running experiences, gives out tips and tricks for runners as well as her occasional ’’random thoughts’’ in an extremely positive and relaxed way. I just find her blog to be so entertaining and down to earth in the sea of overachieving fitness blogs that make you exhausted just by reading them and seem completely unrelatable. Even though I’m such a grass root level runner compared to Chelsea and can only hope to finish my 5k with no walking while Chelsea over here is finishing 100k races, her blog is still totally relatable!


I discovered The Dancing Runner a couple weeks ago for the first time and am definitely hooked. I love the part where you find new blog and go on a reading spree and consume the entirety of it in like two days 😀 Anyways, I can really recommend The Dancing Runner to anyone whose specifically looking for a chill running blog! 


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  1. Girl!! Thanks SO MUCH for featuring me on your blog! This was a wonderful post 🙂 You are a great writer and I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about you through yours!! Cheers to your running journey as well!!


  2. Reblogged this on thedancingrunner and commented:
    I am so honored to be featured on Sofia’s ”August Blog Discovery” this week!! You guys should definitely check it out and follow her wonderful blog as well!


  3. I think you summed up Chelsea’s blog so well. She is such a strong, confident runner, but never makes us 5k dreamers feel less or inadequate. She is always encouraging, fun and inspiring.
    Great post!


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