new balance fresh foam vongo v3 women's running shoes, juoksukengät naisille, shoes for overpronation

So I got my first own running shoes in the longest time for my 21st birthday from my mom a while back. Prior to this, I’ve owned actual running shoes once maybe ten years ago. Can you tell that I’ve never been the most athletic of people? Every now and then when I’ve began running casually I’ve just borrowed my sister’s old Asics that are at least a size too small for me and just dealt with it. I mean they do fit comfortably when I’m not moving but there’s virtually no space for my toes in them. And as they say, running shoes should be a bit bigger than your other shoes since the feet swell up while running. I’ve been getting along with these shoes well enough and I don’t think they are to blame for my previous knee injuries. However, they are my sister’s and not mine. Her stride and leg conformation are different than mine and therefore, the same shoes just won’t fit the both of us.


new balabce fresh foam vongo v3 running shoes for women, shoes for overpronation


My feet tend to overpronate slightly and this can cause serious knee problems that I’m already extra prone to. Because of this, I needed shoes specifically designed to support the arch of the foot. The Asics’ don’t have this quality so I easily overpronate in them and slip into the knee valgus posture I talked about a while back. Over time, this postural deformity causes me severe knee pain that has made it impossible to walk properly for weeks at a time in the past due to the sheer pain. This is why those specific shoes just don’t work for me and it was time to get my own.

By the way, if you’re experiencing constant knee pain because of running, feel free to check out my post on what caused my pains and how I fixed the problem here.


new balance freefoam vongo v3 running shoes for women, running shoes for overpronation


As I’m very much only beginning my running hobby, I didn’t really care about any 3D imaging or in depth analyses you can get done with a specialist to find the perfect shoe just for you. Instead, we went to a large sports store and just had an employee help us. I know my feet overpronate and just wanted some shoes that are designed for overpronators. I trusted my gut that as long as the shoes are for overpronators, I’ll know when the shoe is right for me when I try them on. At least for the beginner level running I do. If I ever become more serious and start to feel like I need something different, I can consider getting my feet and stride analyzed more thoroughly.


After eyeballing the overpronator collection they had for a while, I just picked the ones that attracted me visually the most and started from those. The employee got me another pair of similar shoes from another company and I tried both. The two shoes I had at this point were the Vongo V3 from New Balance and the GT 2000 6 from Asics. I tried the NB’s first and just fell in love. The shoes I went there in were my old, crappy sneakers and the contrast between them and these brand new Fresh Foam shoes was like that of day and night. I walked around for a bit and loved how they roll on the ground with no resistance whatsoever.


I tried on the Asics’ next and to my surprise, their size 39 was tiny compared to the NB’s. The person helping got me half a size bigger ones and after walking around for a bit, I immediately knew that I liked the Vongos better. I liked the Asics’ too, they just weren’t as smooth as the Vongos. I didn’t like how the heel striked the ground, it was too abrupt for my liking (if you have any idea what I’m trying to say). I just now realized that I obviously should’ve tried to jog in them for a couple strides too since walking wasn’t what I intended to do in the shoes anyway. I don’t heelstrike when running so this probably wouldn’t have been a problem in the Asics’ other than in the walk.


new balance freefoam vongo v3 running shoes for women, running shoes for overpronation


Anyway, I ended up getting the New Balance Vongos and have ran in them ever since. I’ve been so happy I got them, I absolutely love them. They’re just extremely well balanced and any overpronation I’ve still had is just gone in them. I love how smoothly they roll no matter the pace and overall, they’re just so light and easy to run in. This sounds cheesy but they just beg me to go running as soon as I put them on. Part of why I love them so much might just be the fact that I’ve never known proper running shoes in my entire life but still, they truly are great shoes.


I’ve had the shoes for a couple weeks now and while they’re still obviously very fresh, I have tried them on many different terrains. They are essentially meant for running on roads and tracks. They give a solid, smooth ride the whole way and just feel so light and comfortable. Compared to the random Asics I’ve been using and my mom’s Nikes they’re super cushiony and almost springy especially on smooth surfaces like asphalt.

Oh and by the way, I found this one minute quick review video from RoadRunner Sports’ YouTube channel if you want to check that out.

I’ve recently gotten into trail running more and I really prefer that to grinding on the pavement. Heck, I’ve even planned a possible race for this fall I’ll sign up into if all goes well. The New Balance Vongo isn’t a trail shoe but in my experience, they’re quite solid in easy terrain. I can’t really say much more about their trail qualities since I haven’t done any moderate to hard terrain running myself. However, if you are looking for ’all round’ running shoes and want to occasionally stray off of the beaten track, I can recommend these ones. I’ve decided that if I really get into trail running more seriously, I’ll probably get new shoes just for that purpose (Hoka One One Torrent I’m looking at you…).


As for the looks, they get a full 10/10 from me. I’m not sure whether they come in other colors but mine are like a very light baby blue with black and pink details. It’s actually funny that I got colorful shoes because I literally never wear anything but black… My boyfriend ridicules me because of it but I don’t know, I guess I just feel the most comfortable in all black, all day every day. It seems like my regular clothes are black (dark navy or dark grey will do occasionally) but when it comes to sports clothing I suddenly prefer color?


Back to the shoes. Here is my personal list of pros and cons of the New Balance Vongo V3 running shoes with FreshFoam:


+ The looks. The outside is what captures our attention from all the options in the shelf.

+ Overpronator friendly. They are designed specifically for us overpronators.

+ Overall ride. They’re smooth all they way, in all situations. They’re also  super light and comfy.

+ Fairly easy to clean.

+ Price. I think ~160 EUR or 135 USD is quite a good deal for these shoes. After all, shoes can make all the difference when it comes to preventing injuries and the overall enjoyment of running.

– The light color gets stained easily. Although they do actually come in black as well.

– How awkward is it that I can’t come up with any real cons? This post isn’t sponsored by the way (I wish it was though :D), I just love these shoes so damn much. Or then you don’t really get any cons when investing in more expensive shoes.

Thanks for reading my little review on my new shoes. If you can’t already tell, I love the shoes and would recommend 10/10. Hope you found this post useful!



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  1. So I had bought these, a newer model than the ones I was running on, and I put the in my closet. When I finally tried them, I discovered that I don’t like them nearly as well as the previous model. I will use them anyway because I need shoes, but I hope they improve the next model. The 2nd version had more arch support and a firmer sole in my opinion. Are you still wearing them? Any issues?


    1. I’ve almost completely switched to using just my speedgoats because they’re a better fit and I mostly run on trails now and it’s always wet and slippery. I still love the vongos however I have to “tape” my pinky toes whenever I use them because they rub awkwardly :p

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      1. Glad you figured out what works for you! If you ever need a shoe for a rocky race, try the New Balance Mt910. I love them for the great traction.


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