I experienced something completely new yesterday. I actually had fun on my 2nd run of the week! So far, almost every run has given me this great feeling of achievement, the ’’I did it’’- feeling. But I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve been having fun on my runs no matter how well they’ve gone. However, yesterday my mom and I decided to go try out new trails yet again. We went to these nearby rapids our goal being something close to 5k.


trail running in forest new balance shoes
Loving my new shoes ❤


I’ve never been to that particular place and I honestly wasn’t expecting much as I thought there wasn’t going to be proper trails to run. How wrong I was! The actual trail wasn’t long (1,5k) but since we happily strayed waaay off trails, we ended up running at least 5k. Most of the way was actually duckboards that ran alongside the rapids and it was just absolutely beautiful there! Running across the duckboards with all it’s stairs and twists and turns required so much concentration not to slip or fall off that in no time, we had gone a good distance without even noticing. I don’t have any numbers of my pace or anything but I actually ran this time instead of just jogging. It was so much more demanding than running on the road that initially I thought that I’m not going to be able to run even the shortest bits. I totally surprised myself because the pace I was going was far faster than my regular pace and it was never too hard! At some points I felt like walking but then I thought ’’not this time’’ and just slowed down into a jog and from there it didn’t take very long to feel fresh again.


duckboards in the forest, trail running on duckboards, myllykoski nurmijärvi polujuoksu
Duckboards for miles


As soon as we came out of the woods and off the duckboards onto this wide, plain field the fatigue instantly kicked in. Not so much physically but mentally. This experience really enforced what I’ve known in the back of my head for a while now. I seem to be so much more a trail running type than a road runner. On Sunday (my next run) I’m going to go run on the road and see how it feels compared to yesterday. I’m pretty confident that if I can run 5k on the trail with all the uphills and downhills and tricky footing, 5k in the city should feel easier.

On a slightly different note, I finally got some actual running gear for my birthday that was on Wednesday. For the longest time, I’ve just been borrowing my sister’s shoes (that are a bit too small for me) and wearing random sweatpants for my runs. That’s now in the past and I’ve finally got my own gear. I got the New Balance Vongo V3:s that are stabilized and designed to support the arch of the foot and prevent over pronating. As I mentioned in my Knee Valgus post, this is an issue i have and it can easily wreck my knees if not careful. I’ve only ran in them once but I am in love! They roll so nicely compared to the old Asics I’ve been using. I also got a couple pairs of pants: long ones from Nike and shorts from Under Armour. It sure is nice to have actual sportswear!

Anyway, I’ve completed 2 out of 3 runs this week and they’ve not really gone according to the NHS Couch to 5K program… But on a positive note, I’ve actually run more than the program had planned for me. I know that you shouldn’t ignore your intervals as I have but all in all, I’ve run probably somewhere close to 8k this week (4+4 approx.). On Sunday I swear I’ll do my intervals! I’ve gotten some kick ass workouts done this week as well. Monday was abs and core, Tuesday arms and shoulders, Wednesday was leg day, yesterday I ran about 4k and today is abs/core again 🙂 Speaking of which, I’m going to go do that right now!



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