The Journey Begins

How cheesy is the title of this post, am I right? As you’ll learn in time, I’m not a particularly imaginative or creative person so feck it, we’re going with the title WordPress suggested for this post!

I’m not going to start this blog off with a list of things I’ll definitely be writing about in the future as I really don’t have much of an idea. All I have are two main principles:


  1. I will track my own progress as a runner and in becoming more fit in general. I will focus mainly on running in the beginning as I am a true beginner and don’t want to become overwhelmed and try to do it all and quit after two weeks. However, as I get to know myself as an athlete better, this might shift towards something else. But for now, running it is.


  1. I love analyzing and a good scientific approach to things. I can tell you straight away that if you are specifically looking for professional help, you’re not going to find it here as I am not a professional athlete, a coach, a physiotherapist or a nutritionist for that matter. However, I love to immerse myself with background research and studies so you don’t have to! While I can’t offer any certified or licensed help or advice, what I can and will do is educate myself and share that information with you and help myself and you guys to apply that info into our workouts and lifestyles.


I’m super super super excited for this project! My head is filled with ideas and visions and I cannot wait to share all of it with you guys! I already gathered a bunch of Instagram followers even though I still had no content whatsoever which is awesome! I really appreciate it. For now, I’ll go back to the good ol’ drawing board and get back to you guys when my thoughts are a bit more collected and some background work has been done to the website. It all is still very blank, apologies for that!




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